The Mama Fresh Story

As it should be, a company named Mama Fresh is a family business to the core. Our founder Hailu Tessema, his wife (and the company’s “Mama”) Konjit, and son Miraf work tirelessly and have a singular vision – to make the world fall in love with Ethiopian cuisine.

The Mama Fresh team has been baking injera daily in Ethiopia since 2003. With entities registered in Ethiopia and the United States, the company now offers a range of traditional Ethiopian food products. Consumers can find Mama’s food in restaurants and retail outlets in Ethiopia, the United States, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Hong Kong, Kuwait and Nigeria. With the aim of introducing Ethiopian cuisine to the world, Mama Fresh offers several Ethiopian traditional foods and spices to the above destinations.

Mama Fresh is in the final stages of becoming the first ISO certified injera-producing company that fulfills U.S.FDA food safety requirements in Ethiopia. Here at Mama Fresh, we care about our customers’ health and are keen to provide high-quality Ethiopian cuisine.

Mama Fresh is also happy to announce that it will be the first Ethiopian company to export teff flour to the world. Teff is one of Ethiopia’s prized commodities, an ancient nutrient-rich grain that is naturally 100% gluten free. The flour will be available in 25 lbs and 5 lbs quantities at select stores in the U.S. We ensure the traceability and quality of our teff grain by sourcing from trusted commercial teff farmers in Ethiopia.

Introducing the Mama Fresh Team

You already met Hailu, Konjit and Miraf, who head up the Mama Fresh management. There are two other key components of the team that produce the quality products you know, and we hope are coming to love: the hundreds of small holder farmers who grow our teff and spices and the chefs and bakers who make magic happen at Mama Fresh. More than 90 hardworking men and women are employed in the kitchens and bakeries of Mama Fresh.

On the U.S. side, there are two faces you’ll come to know and love. Gutu oversees sales and distribution, and Kiyar makes sure our products are delivered in a timely and efficient manner to the stores and restaurants that are a part of our distribution family.

Recent Awards

In February 2015, Mama Fresh PLC was recognized by the Addis Ababa Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction as the #1 micro and small enterprise exporter in the country. Mama Fresh’s Hailu Tessema was presented the award by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn at a national recognition and award ceremony.

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